2017, these technologies are waiting for you!


With the maturity of technology, from the hardware level, the homogenization of recording and broadcasting equipment more and more prominent,
if you want to achieve differentiated innovation, you can only start from the details.

Take advantage of the experience of R3C technology this year and feel the technological innovation.

1. Multi-channel videos
Up to seven channel videos which makes the classroom more creativity.
Flexible interface can meet the needs of areas of education applications and the automatic switching function can provide a variety of possibilities for innovative classrooms.

2.Built-in digital audio processor
The recorder has the built-in AFC function, ANC function and digital automatic mixing function. Support for connecting 2 to 6 phantom power supply microphones.

3.1080P60 encoding
All channels support 1080P60,1080P50 H.264 high profile encoding, to achieve the extreme coding effect of the industry.

4. Power Over Coaxia technology
You only need a SDI line connection between the recorder and the camera to transfer HD-SDI image digital signal, two-way control signal and power signal.
So that the installation and debugging of recording and broadcasting equipment can be more efficient and convenient.

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