Interactive teaching refreshes classroom new experience and improves classroom teaching fun


At present, the change between technology and education is developing rapidly and inseparable. On the one hand, the computer science as the core of information science and technology with each passing day, providing a material basis for information learning; on the other hand, the transformation of educational thought and concept is also in the era of rising, the traditional teaching-based model began to the human-centered paradigm shift. Under the simultaneous attack of the two, information technology and teaching collided, resulting in new needs and forms. The concept of interactive teaching came into being, and this concept is bound to the full integration with the classroom teaching.

The interactive teaching method is a hot topic in the education circles in recent years. Its significance lies in overthrowing the teachers' single teaching mode, paying attention to cultivating students' ability of autonomous learning, so that students can participate in the classroom, so as to improve the efficiency of students' classroom learning.
Of course, this process requires more support for teaching hardware and software equipment.


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