Embedded Quality Recorder

Unique Features:
Multi-function intelligent Switcher
The intelligent switching function support 6-channel video previews, with the ability of switching among PPT lecture, teacher region, student region and chalkboard/interactive content to realize the intelligent switching effect.
PPT Index automatic formed
PPT index can be formed automatically when recording the classroom content.
Click relative index, video can be played from that part automatically.

Support video signal of the teaching computer loop out
With HDMI loop out interface, HDMI or VGA video signal input of the teaching computer can loop out even when not start the recording function.
VGA image detection & Switching
Adopt the intelligent video recognition technique, the video channel can be switched based on the image change. Meanwhile, user can specify multi regions for VGA image dynamic detection.
Central management feature
Support centralized control and management of the devices. On the control platform, you can perform a unified operation of the devices. Support remote web-based power on/off.

System Structure ARM Linux Embedded architecture
Software Structure B/S
Storage Capacity ≥1T
Encoding Format H.264 High-Profile
Encoding Stream CBR/VBR,10K-20Mbps,frame rate 1-30fps and encoding stream output resolution etc can be set.
Audio Support AAC encoding, dual track and 32/44.1/48KHZ sampling frequency input; compression rate is adjustable and the default is 64Kbps; support audio input automatic noise reduction
Director Mode Auto, Semi Auto, Manual
Recording Mode Resource mode, film mode, resource & film synchronous mode
Recording format Support MP4, TS and other standard streaming media file format
LCD Panel The front panel 3.2 inch LCD screen supports display, modify the device IP, video resolution, frame rate, bit rate and other parameters.
Dimension 1U, 435mm(W) ×320mm(D) ×45 mm(H)

Interface features:
The teaching computer display input and output  HDMI input ×1, VGA input ×1, HDMI output ×1
 1.When HDMI and VGA signals simultaneous input, the default selection is HDMI signal. Also support user manually to select the input signal source.
 2. Auto identify input signal source mode and configure.
Support 1080P25, 1080P50, 1024×768@60Hz, 1920×1080@60Hz etc.
3. The teaching computer's HDMI and VGA input signals can loop out via the HDMI output interface.
Film recorded
video output
HDMI output ×1,
The film code stream generated by this equipment can be output to other display devices through the HDMI interface (with audio output)
HD video input 3G/HD-SDI standard input interface × 3~5  (6~7 is optional)
1.Auto identify input signal source mode and auto configure.
2. Support 720P50, 720P60, 1080P25, 1080P30, 1080P50, 1080P60 etc.
Analog audio input
and output
Three layers of 3.5 mm stereo audio socket x1; with DC12V power supply audio input port x1
1. Support 2 routes linear audio input (Optional: comes with 2 to 6 phantom power supply microphone access)
2. Support 1 route linear audio output and 1 route on-site monitoring audio output
USB interface Standard USB double interface x2
interactive output
HDMI output interface x1, used to output remote interactive images
Hard Disk Interface Standard SATA interface x2, 4P hard disk power supply interface x1
1.Support SATAI, SATAII standard, support 4T large capacity hard disk
2. Support 3.5 inch, 2.5 inch popular hard disk
Network Interface 10/100/1000M RJ-45 network interface x2
One of the interfaces has the function of network management
Positioning camera input interface  DB9 interface x1 (only for some of the models)
Access to the teacher and blackboard’s positioning camera signal
Double layer 3.81mm pitch 24 position terminal block 3 routes full-duplex, stand-alone, standard RS-232 serial port for controlling PTZ cameras.
1 route full-duplex, stand-alone, standard RS-232 serial port for connecting external tracking devices.
2 routes switch-type alarm input, alarm mode can be configured.
2 routes switch-type alarm output, alarm mode can be configured. If for external power switch, the required switching power supply voltage ≤ 48V, current ≤ 3A
Peripheral Interface 8PIN S terminal x2
1.One used to connect to the control panel or director console.
2. One used to connect to multimedia central controller
Device power switch Trigger type power switch x1
1. Light touch power button, device power on or off.
2. Press the power button for 5 seconds, device mandatory shutdown
Power Interface Standard DC power supply common interface x1 
(support external diameter 5.5mm, internal diameter 2.5mm common interface)
support DC14-24V input (standard 19V)

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