This solution is suitable for large-capacity interactive teaching system. The deployment and maintenance is very convenient with high reliability. Do not need to use the MCU host device and the recorder comes with interactive function. In addition to interactive teaching, you can also hold a regional local meeting. There is no number of access restrictions for the interactive terminal, and the number of access extensions can be unlimited. The bandwidth requirement for interactive system is low, just 1M bandwidth to support 1080P video transmission, to meet the region's all interactive classrooms access.


1) Embedded integration design, match with recorder or other interactive terminals, can implement interactive teaching function.

2) The computer's HDMI input signal can be looped out via the HDMI interface.

3) The unique interactive classroom mode can give different classroom participants (speaker classroom, interactive classroom, lectures classroom) show different audio and video content, so that the interaction between parties to achieve the best application experience.

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