The system is equipped with the embedded all-in-one device integrated with powerful function like recording, tracking, switching and interaction. It makes it come true for one integrated recording solution with unique features like easy-maintenance, low cost and high efficiency. High quality classroom recording system is composed of recording cloud platform, embedded intelligent recording device, high quality camera with powerful function, and high quality audio device.


1) Recording cloud platform:
It can be designed based on region level or school level, including recording resource application and recording device integrated control, covering the whole process from resource access to application. It integrates the information with high efficiency, greatly satisfied with the application needs of recording resource users and managers.

2) Embedded intelligent recording device:
As the central device for creating high quality teaching resource, the recording device has the function of intelligent tracking and multi-camera capturing/encoding, supporting multiple visual effects like picture-in-picture, which make it possible for realizing the high quality multimedia courseware. Meanwhile, the embedded recording device can provide remote interactive class and remote live streaming which will effectively help users in various region sharing the education resource without region barrier.

3) Audio system:
Adopt one set of digital audio processor system to optimize noise reduction and DSP processing for all audio signal in the classroom. Support the use of hanger mic and teachers collar microphone for sound collection.

4)Video capturing part: Composed of high quality intelligent lecturer camera and student camera.

5) Interactive system is composed of interactive terminal, camera and pick-up audio device.

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